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The philosophy behind Greensboro Field Hockey Club is that sport should be fun. Our coaches are highly experienced and work hard to make sure all our players are constantly learning and improving their game but we focus on the fact that to get the best out of players they have to be enjoying themselves and really want to be there.

This is a club that welcomes players of all backgrounds, ages and experience levels both male and female. We just want to pass on the love of a sport that has given us all so much. 


Growing out of the former club known as Greensboro Mustangs, Greensboro Field Hockey Club was founded by Carla Tolley and was originally just focused on youth Hockey. Upon arriving in Greensboro Lance Wood started working with Carla to expand the club to also incorporate adults. 

Through a close partnership with Proehlific Park, over the year the club has slowly grown and now offers coaching and playing opportunities to players from as a young as 5 all the way through to adults. With many players joining us from elementary/middle school and continuing to play with us up until they go to college. Some of those players are now starting to return as adults. We have also offered the opportunity to many adults to pick the game back up or even find it as a new sport. Two of our coaching staff actually only started playing as adults but enjoyed the sport so much they have put the time in to learn the game to a level where they can now pass their skills on to the next generation.

Greensboro Field Hockey Club also participated in partnership with NC Triad in 2016 to break the then world record for the longest marathon field hockey match. We kept the ball in play for 51 hours. 

The current head coach of Greensboro Field Hockey holds the position of VP to the USFHL which is the governing body for the adult national league in USA. Greensboro is proud to say that it has sent players to represent NC at the finals of the afore mentioned league every year since its creation. Lance Wood even participated on the bronze medal team in the inaugural year of the tournament. 


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