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Greensboro FHC is proud to offer intro level classes that whilst focused on teaching the fundamentals of field hockey remember to keep the 'FUN' elements in play as well. These programs are designed to give any player a great foundation in the game


As players grow it is important that they continue to be challenge. While this group is nominally for high school players the coaches will open it up to anyone they feel has the ability to play at this level. The training here becomes more focused on higher level skills and even some tricks. However, the coaches still know it is important to make sure the players are still enjoying themselves. We know that produce the best from players you need to make sure they want to be there and enjoy playing the sport. 


The game is growing in the USA among adults, both male and female. This group has manged to send representatives to the National Championship every year since its inauguration. 

Players also took part in the successful world record attempt for the longest marathon field hockey match. That took place at Forsyth Country Day School in 2016 in partnership with NC Triad Field Hockey. The ball was kept in play for 51 hours

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